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Angel Fire Video Testimonials

Angel Fire Video Testimonials

Angel Fire Video Testimonials
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Alicia Haironlake

Alicia Haironlake

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Amanda Gluscic Testimonial

Amanda Gluscic Testimonial

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Melaina Landriault Testimonial

Melaina Landriault Testimonial

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Jenny Sutherland Testimonial

Jenny Sutherland Testimonial

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"How do I put this trailblazing life changing program into words?

If I can say it in a nutshell it would be metaphorically speaking as though, I'm holding up a mirror to my face and my soul saying: "Hi, remember me? I am the parts of you that you lost when you were hurting. I am going to show you how to bring that joy back into your life step by step until you are to feeling authentic inside again. It may feel a little chaotic at times but we need this and we are in this together." 


This two year journey has been an act of self love for me. My whole life I developed the habit of hiding my issues under the rug and kept going on with life. This course teaches you to do the opposite. Instead I took the much needed time from my very busy life and invested it in me where I really looked at the relationship with my (self). With the strong connection to my AF team, the help from all my gifted classmates who facilitated and that held a great space for me,  I looked at  many parts of myself, my thought patterns, my emotions and blocks that were getting in my way of living a better life for myself. I will tell you that real healing is not easy, light and fluffy. 


My classmate Andrew Mackie gave me the best advice that stuck with me throughout the challenging times in this whole process he said "you will go through a process of feeling dis-assembled and then you will feel re-assembled again but in a new and healthier way."  

And having the understanding that stuff will always come up I now have the tools to do it on my own. There is nothing more powerful and fulfilling and empowering than this.

Going into this program I had many "signs" show me that I needed to be here. I was called to go, and trusted my instincts and everything else was a mystery. By the very first day of class, my mind was completely blown away from what I experienced. I realized very quickly that I was learning a whole new level of healing. It was almost surreal to me to what occurs in class, and how quickly my life changed after every module ended.


As I began peeling every layer I began stepping more out of my comfort zone and tried the things that absolutely terrified me, yet I did it anyways. I published stories, created workshops for women, began teaching my own classes what an adventure it has been !  


This is an incredible gift that you offer Algonquin Medicine Man.

We are eternally grateful that you are able to transfer this beautiful medicine work into words. So that many lives will continue to change. In my opinion, Saint Kateri and the Angel Fire Teachings bring us back to the core of unconditional love, compassion, acceptance. 


What brought me to tears was coming home from this final weekend and seeing this post it note from my daughters teacher in her communication book saying her name with a quote  "I help people who are hurting."  I realized then that this work did not just change my life ,it also is passed down to my family, and it will for so many others that come into my life.


Pete you are a bridge to change in this world. I am so very grateful you created this program it is incredibly important medicine to this world. Angel fire is a gift and is the Love that is much needed in this world.

I will continue to carry these tools I have learnt, and the memories and beautiful bonds that I have made with my fellow classmates that shared this experience with pure pride and joy in my heart for the rest of my life.❤️"


~Alicia Haironlake


"I am honoured and blessed  to have experienced this opportunity to learn, heal, and grow through the Angel Fire Training Program.   A challenging course to share and to my teacher Algonquin Medicine Man, I bow with so much respect for you embracing the challenge to teach and share this information.


The course was designed with the modules in an order to help us grow, accept, and experience all the elements of the program in a logical and effectual sequence.  All building blocks of the course aligned and the space in between so beneficial to process, practice, and clear all we needed to clear at each level.


The discussions and sharing of the class led to a deeper level of understanding of life, our purpose … the good, the bad, the ugly … and in a miraculous way the modules, demos, healings that followed touched us all on an inspirational journey forward.


On a personal level the training was both a critical and essential component which shifted my most challenging life issues and themes into Love, Forgiveness, and Empowered connection with Creator and a Gift to share with those who are ready for a new way of being.

In this new way of being I experienced transformation and transition with both people and their animals.  I saw a deeper level of shared energy fields, and how much they help us.  And the miracles I witnessed inspired me to carry forward with the work, leaving a footprint for those who this work will resonate with to carry forward.




Rhonda Millar


"My Life spiraled me into many directions. Sometimes I went against the grain blindly at times and other times I went with the flow. I always found it exceedingly hard to embrace the 2....I always felt it was one or the other and most of my life decisions were  based in this limiting belief. 


The fact I turned my back on myself  didn't help things either. In the growth of discovering its ok to see myself, Ive come to realize that you can have both, that you need sometimes the growth from a lesson allowing  you to focus on what is really important and the hope of a blessing that arises in that.


This is my teacher, my friend and an amazing human being and I have had the honour and privileged to train with him, for just over 4 years now. Over 450hrs of in class work and from this, my space of service was birthed, with well over 30 ceremonial circles and over 300 hrs of my own. Spirit guided me to Pete and this connection of guidance happened long before I met him. It happened at some crucial points in my life where I felt the lowest I could have possibly been, with no hope, it seemed like no support.


I often sat in despair and  thought why me? Ive had some dark moments in my life and if I could say one thing to anyone struggling in this depth right now, is to look for your supporters. They are there and they are wanting you in their lives just as much as you need them. Remove all the drama and look for the calm. My soul tribe came forth for me at various times throughout my life and some of which I can honestly say have been here for over 20 years.


If it wasn't for this collective group of amazing women and men in my life, I would be in a much different space right now. I might not even be here. When your perception of the world is dim and it seems you have the weight of the world on your shoulders and nothing makes sense, you need to understand this. This often harsh and sometimes devastating moment, is usually a beautiful bright star here to guide you.


If you think you are alone in this world, you have to understand you have the support of thousands in the wind and they often cheer  you on and always guide you to where you need to be. I needed to meet this man, The Algonquin Medicine man, and to meet him i needed to meet a collective of beautiful souls, I needed their medicine to help me remember that i too have medicine.


Once you start to see there is more to this world than meets your eye you start to listen in a different way and then you begin to walk your walk in the path that is your destiny. You are not here to experience suffering, you are here to rise above it. You are SOUL and WE have forgotten that. This man helped me to remember who I am and my strengths in my totality and for that I am so very grateful. I graduated another eye opening course filled with beautiful angelic medicine rooted in shamanism. I am so humbled for these teachings. Angel Fire has changed my life for the better and I hope one day you get to meet this man right here. He will help you to see your true potential and finally rise up to meet yourself. Chi Meegwetch AMM for all you do." 

In love, 

Melaina Landriault

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