Satdaya Williams

Treating the Whole person

Satdaya has been using traditional Shamanic healing personally and professionally since 2010. She is also a yoga and meditation teacher, a holistic nutritionist and a colonic therapist. She has a keen interest in holistic healing, treating the Whole person. Satdaya is delighted to add Angel Fire tools to her healings. She recognizes that healing must be met with action in one's life, and that healing requires change. Are you ready for gentle guidance that will help to reveal the true You?  If you are looking for transformation, a new way or being and seeing, then come see SatDaya.  You are welcomed to visit her website at www.holisticottawa.com this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

"I work as a Registered Nurse in a hospital. Everyday I see disease and what Western medicine can do for the body however I value and believe in the importance of alternative medicine- healing and reconnecting the body, mind and spirit.  

I have worked with many forms of energy healing and after learning Angel Fire, none compare. When asked to describe the power of Angel Fire in one word, I chose “Change” because I experienced change in many areas of my life, both expected and unexpected, allowing me to grow, evolve and heal. With the many tools and ceremonies I have learned, I look forward to holding space and helping clients to reconnect body, mind and spirit, encouraging healing and growth.”

Andrew Mackie

Healed Outcomes

At Healed Outcomes, I work with my clients to achieve the most beneficial outcome, helping them shift, heal and accomplish the change necessary in their lives to become who they are meant to be. I have used my training and associated healing sessions with the 8th Fire School of Shamanism to heal my own disease, a convergence of symptoms that nearly killed me. Along the way I discovered and cultivated a natural ability to help others in their own healing. I am in my eighth year of practice and have now enhanced my effectiveness with Angel Fire.

Your sessions are carried out either in-person with your visiting my healing space, or inter-connectedly when I connect with your energetic presence ("Authentic Self"). The healing sessions make use of non-ordinary methods to achieve Healed Outcomes. With a variety of ceremonies and healing modalities to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us. I am passionate about helping those in need.


Andrew Mackie

Healed Outcomes

Andrew can be contacted directly at his website and via email at amackie@rogers.com 

Melaina Landriault

LuminousDawn Ceremonies

Melaina Landriault is the Creator and Ceremonial Leader at LuminousDawn Ceremonies. Intuitive, medium, seer  and Healer holding spaces far and wide to help you gain freedom within your life. LuminousDawn Ceremonies has its  own  unique heart opening medicines  that distill a level of power to allow each woman to grow into their healing and gain greater insight into their own personal and unique journeys. 


Melaina embraces The divine Feminine  and  sacred feminine to effectively and efficiently offer a healing that takes place on all layers and levels. She infuses each ceremony with the embrace of tools received through (The8thfire) with AngelFire, E.T.L. (Earning The Light) and as well  birth rite medicines that have grown into fruition to contribute and grow these ceremonies  is what makes LuminousDawn Ceremonies one of a kind.


Melaina Leads  various ceremonies utilizing  these medicines, guided by ancestors, powerful  intuition, Mediumship, and ability to seer through  timespace; makes for a very unique and personal experience.  No two ceremonies are alike and this is what is the beauty of LuminousDawn Ceremonies. 


You can reach Melaina Landriault at the following: 


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LuminousDawn-ceremonies-1483675461925846/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/LuminousDawn78

Website: (is underway)  www.luminousdawnceremonies.com

Email: luminousdawnceremonies@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/melaina-landriault-1baa309b/

Alicia Haironlake

Found at Beauty Connect and Goddess on the Rise

Alicia offers an essential resource to help people look and feel beautiful. Her Philosophy is to help each client get back to following and trusting their innate wisdom while working with Angel Fire sessions. She believes in the importance of beauty connection can be applied by embracing and embodying all the aspects of us both internally and externally. She applies her work in private angel fire healing sessions , classes , workshops and style appointments. Contact at aliciahaironlake@gmail.com or alicia@beautyconnected.com
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Jennifer Creech

Tranquil Beginnings Healing Center

Jen is a graduate from the 8th Fire School of Shamanism in April 2013 and more recently Angel Fire Training in 2017.  She founded "Tranquil Beginnings Healing Center" in Kanata, ON and offers both Shamanic and Angel Fire Energetic Healing Sessions to those who desire to move forward in their life and heal those stories that are holding them back or causing interference in reaching their true potential.  While applying the Angel Fire Training techniques, she has noticed it is very helpful in aiding young children to heal in a more gentle way.  As well, while facilitating for clients, it adds most beautifully to the practiced ceremonies to ensure profound and remarkable changes for them. 


Website:  www.tranquilbeginningshealingcenter.com


Email:  tranquilbeginningshealing@gmail.com

Rhonda Millar

I offer energy healing for people and animals either interconnected through a photo or in person via a scheduled appointment.

This work facilitates the clearing of blocks, stuck emotions, stress, space clearing, clearing of life themes not working for you, relational clearing, just wanting a tune up to feel great, and more.  Here to enable people and pets.  Manifest your dreams, and goals.  Life is short … Time to get “Un-Stuck”!

I have experienced powerful results and shifts for clients using the Angel Fire Techniques and they have now become the key tools of my regular practice.  Most Animals Love this work!


I have studied many Natural Healing modalities over the past 20 years and used the work to Shift my Life.   Angel Fire with The 8th Fire, Reiki Master and Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapy for People -  Horses – Cats - and Dogs, Animal Communication, Relational Clearing, Journey Healing, Family Constellation, Mindfulness Meditation, German New Medicine, Internal Focus to Oneness Healing System, and more.


For more information contact Rhonda at angelfirehandsoflight@gmail.com

Debra Weedmark

Awaken to your potential!

“Along my healing journey, I have trained in and used many different healing modalities.  My healing toolbox is vast and in my opinion these Angel Fire training techniques are effective, lasting and profound”. It allows me to facilitate my clients through peaceful transitions to their own deep awakening and gives them a clearer connection to their personal purpose and healed outcome. As an Angel Fire practitioner, I can help my clients move forward whether their healing is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, in a supportive and gentle manner.


If you are ready to embrace your healing journey, please email me at gratefullyawakened@hotmail.com

Beth Sturdevant

Warriors of The Light

Beth Sturdevant, 'Warrior Queen', (Healer and Founder/Director of Warriors of the Light), knows first hand the trials and tribulations of surviving and thriving in modern-life today, and the necessary strength, will, and courage it takes to keep pushing through the various obstacles we face along the way.  She believes that every single person has the spirit of a warrior deep within them  – but that those aspects of our nature can sometimes become overshadowed and lost beneath the conditioning and experiences of our lives.   


Beth's personal journey along with her trainings and gifts as a healer, helps her to connect with her clients in unique and individual ways -  supporting them as they balance their strengths and powers in all essential aspects of their lives; physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.  Beth has helped countless people tap into the energies and aspects they need within themselves, to face their fears and unblock any elements which may be keeping them from the things they truly want in life.

Beth Sturdevant offers In-Person sessions out of her healing studio in Barrhaven (Ottawa), Ontario, as well as Inter-Connected (distance) sessions via Skype, phone or FaceTime. 

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